A beauty service at home is a very risky affair

A beauty service at home is a very risky affair
October 20, 2017 Elle Passion
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Prima facie it looks a very tempting and cost-saving measure, however, please be aware of the cons of beauty services at home.

Loss of Product Efficacies –

Beauty Products with actives are meant to be kept at the temperature ranging from 20 Degree to 25 Degree to save the actives, which have been used in the product. If the product has been kept at high temperature or low temperature for some time, the actives will lose the efficacies. It will act as a placebo only and will show less to no visible results.

Extremely high chances of catching infections –

Workers who do home to home service, carry same products are prone to catching infectious bacteria, virus or fungus in their hands and in the products, which are never visible to our eyes. No sanitization of bags, hands, and equipment raise the chances of carrying these infections. Clients / Users with low to a moderate immune system can easily be affected by these infections.

No Supervision –

Freelancers work under no one’s supervision. Their ability to tackle an easily manageable situation is purely subject to the knowledge they carry. This is even more dangerous when they are working with chemicals such as Acids, Ammonia or Hydrogen Peroxide. Even a small error can cause a severe and long-lasting damage to the client.


It promotes disloyalty and dishonesty –

To get an access to the client in a salon and approaching the same for personal services encourage dishonesty in the profession.

Elle Passion has never succumbed to tempting home services offer and we continue to work on our principles.

Jaya Singh
Co-Founder, Elle Passion

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