Are you told “WHAT and WHY” about your Facial Treatments?

Are you told “WHAT and WHY” about your Facial Treatments?
October 15, 2017 Elle Passion
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99% Facial Treatments across salons are targeted for superficial cosmetic effects.

Neither the customers are told, not the salon workers are aware of “WHAT and WHY” this particular facial is being used on your skin. The standard stereotype response is “This is good for your skin”, which is a highly incorrect statement to make.

Most of the OTC Salon products do not mention the active ingredients which are being used in that product. It is like a black box. No one knows what is being used and what are the good or ill-effects of using such products on the client as well as the salon worker.

That is the reason, ELLE PASSION DOES NOT PROMOTE disguised brands, no matter how popular or how much in demand such products are. When I am not sure what does it contain and how does it work, I call it a “Blackbox Brand”

I was working in the salon, which was visited by topmost political families, topmost Bollywood personalities, famous singers, cricketers and top end bureaucrats. I was taught about each and every product which was used in the salon in the first two weeks before I was allowed to do even shampooing the client’s hair. My manager told me that our clients come here for valuable discussions and they are highly knowledgeable. Therefore it is not a matter of choice but vital to spend 30% of our time every day in learning and training ourselves. Most of the products in the salon were being imported directly from France to ensure authenticity and utmost quality. The salon had its own manufacturing facility in France. The whole idea was to create a difference and to give distinguished services to selective and most premium clients worldwide.

After 14 years, when I entered into entrepreneurship, I carried the same philosophy in my mind i.e. How do we create that DIFFERENCE to our clients?

Elle Passion was never lured by the popularity of products in the market unless we are 100% sure what are we using on the client. We lost some valuable clients because they were constantly asking for “Blackbox Brands”. We lost some clients when they were asking us to do “Brazilian Blowout”, which contain a highly carcinogenic substance. Both the client and the worker are at risk of developing cancer. We denied completely while others opted to do it. We never promoted facial treatments using heavy metal ash, such as Gold Facial, Diamond Facial and ironically Platinum Facial. Any student who has studied chemistry till 10th can easily understand the molecular weight of such particles. How can these facials benefit our skin is beyond our understanding.

Take an example, when you catch fever or allergy, the doctor does not prescribe you ANY POPULAR VACCINE. You need a targeted vaccine to cure the disease you have caught. Similarly, when you grow old and your skin elasticity starts shrinking, you do not require ANY facial, especially whitening facial. What you require is the facial which can bring back and seal the moisture back into your skin such as “Hydrolysed Collagen and Elastin Facial”, “Rich Vitamin E Facial”, “Hyaluronic Acid Facial”, “Sandalwood and Saffron Facial”, or “Premium Aloe-Vera Face Lift”. All these facials contain NMF (Natural Moisturising Factors).

We always tried to create some distinguished and result oriented products at Elle Passion for our distinguished clients who visit our salons. We are very confident about efficacies and long lasting results of these products. 70-80% ingredients are organic and natural and some are even hand blends.

I invite you to come and have pure and natural beauty experience at Elle Passion Salons.

Veenu Singh
Co-Founder, Elle Passion

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