About Us

Hello, We are Elle Passion.
Established 2009 – Faridabad.

Thriving in more than 5 states, Elle Passion developed from one philosophy: to innovate and offer the best professional products at amazing prices to the greatest number of customers conceivable. A philosophy which originates from the research carried out in our centers and our will to make professional products accessible to everyone in our country.

Through our continued pursuit of excellence, Elle Passion is sculpting the future of Hair and Skin Care in India.

Thanks to our commitment and genuine value for respect and closeness between salons and clients, we have been able to become one of the most trusted brands in the professional segment of the market.

Our boundless portfolio includes many best-known brands and beloved products like L’PASSION, STRAITLINE, PROAGILE, TRUEBLOND, OXYDEW, ELEGANT OIL SOLUBLE WAX and more.





About - L'Passion
About - L'Passion

L’Passion is a 15 years old organisation in the business of Manufacturing of Researched based Performance delivery Products, Retail Services & Education.